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Originally Posted by miri2 View Post
Here, I agree with you 80% on this count, Robdmc. Part of my reservation is that we do have an STF enemy with a degree of difficulty between insta-death and instantly-killed-- spheres! (Dum-dum-duuummm!)
This is one of the most wonderfully insidious things about Hive Onslaught-- the spheres are more dangerous than the tactical cubes, and their constant use of tachyon beams makes a shield-repair boat vital to keeping a balanced party alive.
... that's not to say that I haven't seen a party of 4 escorts and a tac cruiser roflstomp 'em, but it was my tac-cruiser, which is a heal-boat in disguise. So take that as you will.
I admit that in Hive it is a good balance for sphere. Part of the escort issues with the "roflstomp" of spheres is either they need a bit more health or a bit more speed/maneuverability or maybe a bit more aggressive. In ISE people kill the gate then the the spawn sphere. The ones that pop out of the gate stop flying when the generator blows up until some one shoots one and agros them. Then they one by one fly into range and get shot down. Some in a broad siding pattern will fly out of range again. Usually it is easy to pick off in their single fire pattern.