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Originally Posted by lancemeszaros View Post
Costumes are organized by the type of costume they are (uniform, off duty, formal, MACO, Omega, etc.) which means it is possible to restrict what type of costumes players can wear in certain environments. If they create a new "swimwear" category, they can program it in so that you cannot choose costumes of the "swimwear" category while inside public areas such as ESD. If someone already has a "swimwear" costume on, then they can program it in so that the player automatically switches to the costume in their first slot, which must be a uniform costume anyway.
Yes, they could totally do that. But it is easier said then done. it is going to take alot of coding to not only make a new "Swimwear" category, but have it restricted so that it only is available to Risa. And currently the later part is not in the game. There is no costume option that is restricted at this time. So you have to make up a whole new set of codes. That is what I meant when I said they don't have the tech. The coding to restrict Costumes is not in the game. it needs to be put there.

Now can they do this. In some part, I would argue yes. They did something similar with the Winter Event, where the snow guns were ineffective outside of the Winter area. But that was not a costume, and the weapon visuals were still there, they just didn't fire.

Now it is entirely possible that part of the Winter Wonderland was to test a way to restrict costume options so that at a later date they could do something like a swimwear option. There has certainly been some talk about a possible summer event.

But as to why swimwear isn't currently in the game, the reality is there are limitations from CBS and my guess is the amount of work required to overcome those limitations is not currently seen as worth the resources.