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# 1 The Problem with FvK and FvF
03-25-2013, 10:40 PM
As many of you have noticed, there is not much in the way of FvK PvP outside of elite groups, Fleets, etc...

Klingon ships on average seem to be more powerful then Federation vessels on both turning speed and general damage. Obviously, not discounting that there are some very skilled PvPers on the Klingon side that use their ships well but this is not to point fingers but to address some of the problems with Klingon PvP so that hopefully this will encourage more people to do it.

There are problems with PvP in general that I would like to address here as well.

*disclaimer* These are opinions based on my observations over the last 3 years. Please do not start mouthing off but offer constructive argument. Who knows, you may be right. I'm not a believer in creating "elitism" in the game so I'll happily admit when I am wrong.

1) Klingon PvP is Boring = What I mean to say is that Klingon PvP follows a predictable pattern. I have been in several matches when ships will just decloak and hammer away at a poor ship, damaging it hopelessly beyond all point of healing.

2) Science Spam is not fun = One particular skill ruins PvP in general I think. I realise that this is NOT unique to the Klingon side. I am off course talking about "Subnuclonic Beam" which can often be the deciding factor in any match. Sub-Nuc simply put, does too much in removing all buffs and I propose a way to fix this.

Science Sub-Nuc = It only removes "healing" buffs such as Reverse Shield Polarity and Engineers should have the ability that reduces power as well as coupling with Aceton beam to remove tactical buffs.

Simply put, a certain fleet is terrible for this but Sub-Nuc spam has got to go. There has to be some protection from being sub-nuc'd multiple times.

Simply put, players need to have some sort of "code of honor" regarding certain abilities in PvP.

Now I've given some of my bugbears, lets hear yours...

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