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03-25-2013, 11:45 PM
This should have been the layout of the Fleet galaxy class I guess.

Boff layout:
Cmd Eng
LT cmd Tac
LT Eng
LT sci
En Tac

Console layout:
4 eng
3 tac
3 sci

If we get a rank increase to general which I'm guess will be the last tier so tier 6 ships then they can really fix the galaxy class such as giving it 5 fore weapons and 5 aft weapons.

Boff layout:
Cmd Eng
Cmd Tac
LT cmd Eng
LT Tac
LT sci

console layout:
5 eng
4 tac
4 sci

and since some science and tac ships have hangers, give the galaxy 3 universal console slots for saucer sep, anti matter spread and some other console.

I know this is broken but I can really see this happening