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Originally Posted by janewaywarrior View Post
Klingon ships on average seem to be more powerful then Federation vessels on both turning speed and general damage.
The BoPs have higher turn rate, but that's not "on average" for KDF. What do you mean by "general" damage? KDF tends to focus more on burst damage while Feds have more potential for sustained damage if they can survive the initial burst. If you can make it through the first alpha then KDF ships end up running away much of the time so they aren't able to do much damage - not to mention their tendency to insta-plode which damage.

A lot of people don't like FvK because they can't survive the alpha, which has less to do with KDF ships than it does their emphasis on offensive playstyles.

That being said, a large percentage of people fly lockbox ships so the KDF/UFP ship difference often doesn't play a part in the outcome of a match. Attitude and expectations, however, can decide the match before it even starts.
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