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03-25-2013, 11:42 PM
Klingon ships on average seem to be more powerful then Federation vessels on both turning speed and general damage.
I doubt that this is a good generalisation. While this may be true for Klingon battlecruisers, this is certainly not so for raptors vs escorts. For example, Klingons have no 5-tac console raptors, while the Feds have 3. Raptors are also generally out-turned by escorts, with maximums of 16 (Fleet Som'raw) vs 15 (Defiant).

Birds of Prey are a different matter. They are generally outgunned by Federation escorts, and can be countered fairly easily with Federation science vessels.

1) Klingon PvP is Boring = What I mean to say is that Klingon PvP follows a predictable pattern. I have been in several matches when ships will just decloak and hammer away at a poor ship, damaging it hopelessly beyond all point of healing.
Are you referring to KvK or KvF? In either case, I would hardly characterise being hit by multiple alphas as being "damaged hopelessly". It is in such focus-fire alpha scenarios that teamwork comes into play. In order to compensate for damage from multiple ships, it is necessary for healing from multiple ships. Is this not logical?

In the case of getting alpha-striked by a single ship, if one is alert, one can tank the initial strike fairly easily, with the aid of various resistance buffs, and RSP. Buffing up can be heard, and that is the cue for a quick Sensor Scan and putting up basic defensive buffs.

If a single ship is getting sequentially alpha-striked, healing should be staggered, and the team should begin focusing fire themselves. In essence, countering is fairly easily done with teamwork.

2) Science Spam is not fun = One particular skill ruins PvP in general I think. I realise that this is NOT unique to the Klingon side. I am off course talking about "Subnuclonic Beam" which can often be the deciding factor in any match. Sub-Nuc simply put, does too much in removing all buffs and I propose a way to fix this.
Subnuke is necessary for what it does. Bear in mind that it can be cleared easily using Sci Team, which any healer worth their salt would carry. If one person is being repeatedly subnuked, it is time for everyone to begin tossing heals on that person, and for that person to go fully defensive on his/her energy levels. Again, teamwork is the key here. In the event of the enemy team carrying sufficient subnukes to paint your entire team, they are not going to be capable of the spike damage that a Tactical would have. As such, it would be time for your team to begin spamming Sci Teams and RSP.

Furthermore, one should imagine what things would be like without the existence of Subnuke. Without it, games would be a plain-Jane cycle of damage and heal. In effect, things would be boring without Sci spam. Without it, Tacs would be the undisputed kings of the battlefield.

Subnuke also carries an opportunity cost. To have it, you need a Sci, and so you lose a Tac' Attack Pattern Alpha. This significantly reduces the spike that the team can have as a whole. One might argue that having Subnuke removes the need for spike, but I doubt that, as passive healing is very powerful at the moment. Also, Subnuke's effect can be cleared, but the additional damage from an Attack Pattern Alpha cannot.

Subnuke also carries a 2-minute cooldown, but is countered by an ability that has a 30-second cooldown. Given that the counter can also be cast by team members, it is not truly unbalanced.

Science Sub-Nuc = It only removes "healing" buffs such as Reverse Shield Polarity and Engineers should have the ability that reduces power as well as coupling with Aceton beam to remove tactical buffs.
While I disagree with your characterisation of Subnuc as OP, this is an interesting change nonetheless. However, it would be very difficult to categorise abilities like Tactical Team under "healing" or "tactical".

Simply put, a certain fleet is terrible for this but Sub-Nuc spam has got to go. There has to be some protection from being sub-nuc'd multiple times.

Simply put, players need to have some sort of "code of honor" regarding certain abilities in PvP.
Science Team is supposed to provide immunity for a certain amount of time, but I do not know if it works. If it did, then there would be protection.

As for a "code of honor", such a thing cannot be enforced or maintained in the queues. It is a zero-sum game, where the first offender would escalate circumstances and cause the problem to re-occur.

As for private tournaments, there tend to be agreements, but there is always much debate over this. Things are not necessarily as black-and-white as you make them out to be.

That said, although a code of honor would be a nice thing to have, Subnuke should not be a part of it.

In essence, although your points may be possibly valid in a 1v1 scenario, many of your arguments break down with the presence of teamwork and alertness.
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