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Well, my birthday is in a week, and I think I may treat myself to a new ship for Winston. He is a Tactical, so he would best fit an Escort. Plus those are the only Feddy ships that can equip cannons. The only problem is that I don't which ship to get.

Kumari Pack:
1. From what I have read, the set bonuses seem quite good.
2. I already have 3k Zen, so I only need to put up 20 Euros to get the full set.

1. It forces me into a Phaser Build.
2. The upgraded guns cost an insane amount of Dilithium that I cannot get near as quick anymore.

Mobius Destroyer
1. The universal slots allow me to customize the bridge officer crew as I see fit.
2. The set bonuses given by the timeship consoles can very well keep me alive far better than much of anything else Winston has access to at the moment. (0 reputation as of yet.)

1. Whether I use 800 Lobi or sell keys, the cost just for this one ship is more Zen spent than the entire Kumari Pack would cost. Yes, I did the math.
2. Highly unlikely that any fleetmates just so happen to have a spare Mobius in their bank that I can buy/trade/beg/steal from them.
2. In addition to that, I would have to shell out even more Zen to get Lobi for the other temporal set consoles.

Fleet Advanced Escort
1. I have wanted the Hephaestus Class version ever since I first saw it last summer.
2. If I buy the Multi-Vector version, the Fleet version will only cost one Module.
3. The assistance given by the Multi-Vector drones can allow a good player to solo a Cube.
4. I already have 3k Zen, so I can just go ahead and get the Multi-Vector, and start saving for a Module.
5. That one Module, I can hopefully buy/trade/beg/steal from a fleetmate.

1. It has 3 Tactical officer slots. Sacrificing an Engineer slot would hinder my ability to keep my shields up. As an Escort, the small size makes it heavily dependant on what little hull and shields it has.
I'm not a fan of the Hephaestus, if you use the Prometheus skin go for Fleet Advanced Escort. I don't really like the Kumari. Mobius is okay, but I would go for Prommy...

Personally I am saving up Zen for May, if there's a Scimitar pack I wants it...

PS: Happy Burpday!
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