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03-26-2013, 02:13 AM
Oh hello, I am trying out this Kumari Build that's a variant of my Fleet Defiant Build.

There's some changes from it like a relatively weaker aft with 1 Turret and stronger frontal barrage with 4 DHC's and 1 Rom Torp. It's certainly squishier due to only having 1 EPTS.

I do also plan to switch the MACO Resilient shield to a Elite Fleet Resist version once our fleet gets to Tier 4. But I am still debating whether to keep the 2 pc Borg or get a Elite Fleet Hyper-Impulse [Spd]x3 later on.

As for weapons Phased Tet DHC/Turrets [Acc]x2 was out of my price range so I had to settle for [CritH]x2's instead. I might switch them over to the new Adv. Fleet Tetryon [Acc]x2 [Dmg]x2's but I do like having the Phaser proc.

Doffs are: 3 Shield Distribution and 1 TT Conn Doff and 1 Evasive maneuver Doff.

Any comments would be welcome.