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You don't have to quote the entire post in one long shot. You can pick it apart, and still keep the formatting if you know how. Case in point, have a good look at these ↓.
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I'm not a fan of the Hephaestus.
You no likes? But, it is flat, pointy, looks mean, and it exactly what a cat ship should look like!
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If you use the Prometheus skin go for Fleet Advanced Escort.
I currently use the Mirror version (because of the better bridge officer slots). I spent some time playing around with the designs, but I only found Prometheus to be bulky and disproportioned. And the Phoenix design looks like a flying cloud (). I myself use the Cerberus for everything except the top pylons, which are Prometheus. Me being aeronautics-minded, the sleek and streamlined design of the Cerberus was the only one that looked good to me. Then you have the top pylons......which Cerberus would have sticking straight out. To solve this, the Prometheus pylons keep the nacelles firmly next to the hull. Plus, I find that I really like the staggered look of the top nacelles being farther aft than the bottom nacelles.
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Personally I am saving up Zen for May, if there's a Scimitar pack I wants it...
I guarantee you it will not have the instakill Thalaron gun. () Also, if Cryptic does not give us a cat or dog species, I am not going to be playing Rommy side. I really want a Rommykitty species to correspond with what we have already, and additional bonuses for unlocking all 3 of them, just like we have set bonuses for using things of the same series.
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PS: Happy Burpday!
What? An entire day of eructation?

I completed a 2-man CSE, ISE, and KASE, Optionals included. And I soloed Winter Invasion.
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