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03-26-2013, 04:45 AM
Ok, you know, I thought I had a couple of pretty bad ones to post about people not keeping with groups, lagging behind, popping in and out etc but this one takes the cake:

I figured that I would run Manus on elite, I don't usually do elite but I know where I stand with manus and i know what I'm doing, so I figured, why not? Well we start and the first bad signs appear right out of the gate; one of my team talks to the officer before the rest have even finished spawning in to the map. I figured, well not everyone plays it the same way and I moved on, waiting to see if it really was as bad as i thought, the answer came to me almost immediately as the same guy (I think) charged into the first room alone, I followed and was stuck defending the crew member by myself as the guy responsible had gone back out of the room. So, I'm standing there with a shocked expression whilst blasting away at borg, get KO'd and the optional is blown.

By the time we get to the doorway of the second room, the whole group (mostly good players) has been wiped out about 5 times, myself included, one guy quit, not helpful. Every time we've gone down in under ten seconds of firing the first shots so we're starting the second room (yet again) and we get curb checked (yet again) in about four seconds (yet again), the respawn timer is already up around 80 seconds and we've only just started, under 5 mins... I'm left with a leaver penalty and no one to choke...

Tell me people, should I laugh or cry because I'm not sure.

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