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03-26-2013, 09:12 AM
I've always viewed the Star Trek series as

TOS - Wild West in Space
TNG - Brittish Imperialism and the Good side of the coin. Peace, exploration, and diplomacy enforced by superior fire power or a diplomat (ala Picard)
DS9 - Soap Opera in space and the darker side of the coin compared to TNG about what is necessary for the Federation to survive.
Voyager - Re-attempt to TOS as seen by the crew compilation and thrown into the unknown.
Enterprise - Attempt to recapture the Space as all new much like TOS.

My issues for Voyager really stem from the Writers. It was clear they wrote the Captain part as a man and just made the captain a woman but didn't bother to change the writing to compensate. There was a lot they could have done but it fell short since they didn't write it in properly.