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03-26-2013, 09:25 AM
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I guarantee you it will not have the instakill Thalaron gun. () Also, if Cryptic does not give us a cat or dog species, I am not going to be playing Rommy side. I really want a Rommykitty species to correspond with what we have already, and additional bonuses for unlocking all 3 of them, just like we have set bonuses for using things of the same series.

I know that I can separate the quote to many fragments, I was just too lazy and this day did not have an auspicious start...

Who cares about the Thalaron weapon (well I do but it's not like I will start Pulsewaving every dev I see if I don't get it)
The Scimitar is the meanest looking ship in the history of mean-looking ships so I want it (Donatra's Scimitar would look good but I doubt there will be a skin for it)

And I hope there will be a kitty race for green side but if there isn't I'm okay with Reman too (wonder what a Reman woman would look like, probably something super ugly/badass)
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