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I'm sorry, who was the one who brought source material into the argument? You don't get to raise a point, screw up the point, and then dismiss the fact that you screwed up the point as irrelevant.

Also, you're ******** about fleet holdings too? Got any other complaints you want to throw in?
you are the one that dragged the source material up with your 'first contact' tangent.
and boo hoo for getting a name wrong

And we're back to First Contact. Remember that scene with Lily, Picard, Melville references and a bunch of broken little ships? What was Picard doing through most of that?

Using a handheld tool (aka, primitive remodulator device) to tweak his rifle.

The basic device you have in STO is already an improvement over that method. You don't need to field strip your weapon anymore to remodulate it.
yea, he was doing gods knows what with a sonic screwdriver that looks like the flashy light tools used to change fix systems all the way thourgh startrek.
but nice job contradicting yourself.
first it was redshirt 59203 getting over-run while tapping away at the weapon to remodulate it...
only for you to now claim that picard had to take it apart to do the job of remodulating?
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can you say attack pattern angry forumers 3?