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Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
you are the one that dragged the source material up with your 'first contact' tangent.
and boo hoo for getting a name wrong
Translation: I got my information wrong, and must now attack anyone who calls me on it.

If you can't get something as simple as which ship appeared in which story right, why should anyone trust in anything you have to say?

Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
yea, he was doing gods knows what with a sonic screwdriver that looks like the flashy light tools used to change fix systems all the way thourgh startrek.
but nice job contradicting yourself.
first it was redshirt 59203 getting over-run while tapping away at the weapon to remodulate it...
only for you to now claim that picard had to take it apart to do the job of remodulating?
So it does potentially take another tool to remodulate a weapon, but you're going to ignore that fact because it contradicts your argument. Good to know.

Also did you see the entirety of redshirt 59203s remodulation process? No, you didn't. You saw the end result of a failed remodulation attempt. Most notably a non-functional weapon, and an assimilated redshirt.

If such a thing (remodulation) were as simple as pushing a button, why do other members of the security detail go hand to hand? Why does Worf repeatedly go for his mek'leth rather than taking the two seconds to push the "I Win" button?

In addition, if you're going to accuse someone of contradicting themselves, it typically doesn't help to cite a situation where they're clearly not making two different statements about the same thing.

But hey, you've never let contradictory facts get in the way of your ramblings before. Why start now?

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