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Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
and no, you havnt managed to support your claim that the Ahab scene was picard doing something other than fixing a malfunction.
And I suppose you have something to back that up other than the fact that Picard remodulating the weapon shoots your entire argument to hell?

Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
you are the one making flippant attacks
based on your own tangent about 'first contact', that you yourself brought up.

only to then change your claim from one about
a redshirt getting over run while trying to tap in a new setting,
picard having to use a tool to remodulate said weapon.
Here's exactly what I wrote in regards to First Contact:

Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Watch First Contact. At least one (probably more than one) redshirt bites it while trying to remodulate his rifle before a Drone gets close.

If it were simply a button press how exactly would any ship ever get overrun by the Borg?

Bottom line: either accept the fact that source material puts manual remodulation as a slow, clunky process, or simply get one of the anti-borg sets and have the magical one-button press remod that you're looking for.
Where in there do I say anything about the tapping being the sole means to remodulate a weapon? Nowhere. In fact, I explicitly state that remodulation is a lot more involved than tapping.

So please, for your own sake, stop making yourself look even more uninformed.

And this is now the third subsequent post where you repeatedly bring up how you screwed up a source detail. Perhaps if you don't want people to consider your lack of knowledge of the source, you should stop mentioning how you don't actually know the source?

Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
take your dissonance and go for a walk long enough to cool off and realise it is your own tangent about source material that you brought up, that you are contradicting yourself with.

while making pointless attacks against me based on my getting a name wrong.
Provide for me exact quotes of me contradicting myself in this thread. You can't because I haven't.

You on the other hand have gone from "it's a button push" to "it takes tools" back to "oh it doesn't take either, but I want it to be exactly how I want it to be".

So please, get your facts right, or stop making inane arguments based solely on your unwillingness to deal with in-game mechanics.

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