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03-26-2013, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post

your comment about redshirts being over-run
followed by
your comment about picard doing something to his weapon.
And I'll again say what I said before:

Did you see the entire sequence the redshirt ran through to remodulate his weapon? No you did not. Did you see Piacrd finishing the remodulation of his weapon? No you did not.

Contradiction requires two things to invalidate one another. The above two scenes in no way do that, no matter how much you want them to.

A for effort though. Next time try to remember that you need to actually have facts.

Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
now kindly take your nerd rage over the name of a ship, likely fuelled by that mistake crossing the jj universe with that of the tng movies, and go for a walk.

your own unfuonded assertions have dragged this thread derailing troll tangent out.
but gg on derailing a thread aimed at improving ground play just because you want to force your point about how canon remodulation speed is & how it may have worked 36 years earlier in the timeline than the game is set.
Let's review: you've gone from raging over remodulation to raging over fleet holdings, to managing to get both JJ trek and TNG era movie information wrong, to claiming events are occuring that absolutely did not, and back to yelling at anyone who disagrees with you .

Whereas all I've done is consistently point out that remodulation is not an instant "I win vs. Borg" button on a phaser, and provided multiple examples of that fact.

Who's the one who needs to stop nerd raging?

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