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03-26-2013, 10:59 AM
Believe me, Scimitar will have the thalaron weapon! I bet 5 mil EC on it ! And if it didn't, the devs know they would never hear the end of it!

Besides, the thing takes forever to fire, and considering the damage multiplier that NPC's get, our version of it would likely at best drop nothing more than the facing shields of an escort who's pilot decides to take a tea break in front of a player scimitar.

PVP, it will be a useless weapon I guarantee, so no need to worry about a nerf there, PVE it might serve to drop facing shields of a wave of KASE probes or CSE bops, that's about my predictions of how this weapon will perform at best. Still, it'll be a pleasure to hear that charge-up and see that magnificent burst!

As for Remans, I don't think they will get females, would probably be a big fat no from CBS on that, same as they did with nausicaans and gorn etc. Unless they existed on the screen, we won't get them. Although as much as I'd wish for a kitty species, I'll probably start out with a Reman as my choice, I think they are still a fairly unique and interesting species! Especially their psi abilities, I wonder how they will work as player characters.