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Originally Posted by pwecangetlost View Post
So, Mulgrew was the writing team, producers and director?
No, just the weakest link in a chain of weak links... Much of the issue with Voyager, is the same issue as Enterprise: Brannon Braga. As you point out, the writing team, producers and directors all played a part. There was some good writing, there was some less than good writing, but she was the mouthpiece through which it all came to life. Two actors will play the same part very differently. For example, Alex O'Loughlin portrays Steve McGarrett in a very different way to Jack Lord, even though the character himself is essentially the same. Different actors have different strengths, and I think Genevieve Bujold would have portrayed Janeway in a very different way to Kate Mulgrew. While of course, an actor is somewhat at the whim of a writer and director, a good actor stamps their own mark on the role and takes a script as a springboard to launch off. Mulgrew, on the other hand, I felt merely did what the script called for, rather than going the extra mile... But that's just my .2c