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03-26-2013, 11:05 AM
Well the Recluse and to a lesser extent the Vesta have the ability to do damage with their pets, so you can run full aux and still do some damage, though not a whole lot. The Atrox falls in this category too.

The Excelsior would not be as good for your goals as the Amby because its Lt. Com is tactical. The Amby you can run FBP or GW1 and still have 2 science heal skills. Aux build in an excelsior just doesnt make a whole lot of sense compared to other options.

With the Atrox or the Recluse you can run a wealth of heal skills in either the engineer or science categories and still have room for a CC/damage science ability. The Vesta allows for this too because you can slot the Universal Lt.Com as an engineer and run aux2sif2 or TSS and still have the Com science slot.

The Vesta has the turn rate you want, and also a hangar of pets that you can use for either damage or healing depending on what pet you choose. Also it has subsystem targeting if you run beams, and if you use the Vesta consoles you can either up your damage or add an additional heal.

Hope this helps.