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Draconairus Class Bird of Pray

Designed for fast, efficent strikes and a campaign of "psychological warefare" with its striking, bird-like appearance. The Draconairus carries two powerful forward mounted plasma cannons which are capable of powerful bursts.

Special Console: Plasma Cannon Lance - Similar to the Phaser Lance and Disruptor Lance on the Galaxy-X and Gurumba ships but fires two weaker lances with a much more powerful DoT then traditional plasma weapons and increased slow.
Probably owned by Wizards of the Coast who bought FASA. I would love to see my Winged Defender V-30 in the game, it would make me go **sqeeeeee**.

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I'd happily give them the rights to use my Fvillha design ;-)
From your lips to the devs ears, that was my Wallpaper for a very long time.
New home of the Romulan Republic.
I have an idea for what Season 11 should be; Season 11: The Big Bug Fix.
I have not been able to read my bug tickets in over a year, not even the tickets about not being able to see my tickets.
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