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03-26-2013, 11:36 AM
The Vesta would honestly be the best one to use. With the right setup you can hit over 4K dps with the Vesta's deflector phaser ability. Then there's the dual cannons that run on aux power, those are nice and don't drain enough aux to make too much of a difference in other aux abilities/heals. Toss an eng captain into the Vesta and you have one nasty boat, as NI and that one other eng ship ability (adds to all power levels, can't remember the name of it) makes for a nasty combo when using aux cannons and firing the deflector beam, dropping from 125 aux to maybe 115 aux power. Yea, it's a drop, but one that won't make much of a difference and will let you enjoy watching your target melt under the assault. Then there's the graviton field + FBP combo that, with a good setup, will let you reflect almost all incoming damage back at your attackers. I've gotten the graviton field reflect up to 1.2 incoming damage, meaning I'm reflecting back more than I'm taking. Then the perfect shield ability gives you a nice "get the f**k out of here" option when paired with evasive manuvers. All in all, Vesta very good ship for any captain.