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Originally Posted by attilio87 View Post
Which other carriers are missing their hangar slots? I just clicked on the Jem'Hadar Carrier because I thought it might be a bug in the code, but I see the hangar slots for it. Let me know which are missing and I'll look into it.
well, i've only checked the vesta and kar'fi so far, but neither of them have hangars; i'll check the rest of the ships i know to have hangars right now

EDIT: actually, it looks like it's just the vestas and kar'fi that don't have the hangars; all the rest do

EDIT2: oh, one other thing; shields are missing the [Adapt] modifier that are on elite fleet shields, and the plasmonic leech has the icon of a TCD Subspace Infuser, while the photonic displacer has plasmonic leech's icon
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