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03-26-2013, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by devocut View Post
This may have been mentioned in the past but I would like to see a Borg Space daily, similar to the Romulan daily, that would award omega marks. The new daily wouldn't have to award as many marks as the Romulan one, which gives 60 marks I believe.

I would just like another way to grind Omega marks (in space) while avoiding STF?s. The Borg red alert is too infrequent, gives low omega marks and is failure prone.

Now, if things are working as intended, just ignore this post.

Thanks for listening.
That what the Sector space Borg Red Alerts are (each has a 20 hour cooldown and awards 10 OM and 480 Dil per successful completion.)

[Now if only they's fix the Red Alert system itself so you wouldn't end up warping into an empty instance 9 out of 10 times...]
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