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Sanders: Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, Dan.

*Forest, Blake and Hawk run in.*

Suit up. We're going on a hunt for the Tesseract. Stane's looking for it too, so this is a race against time. Let's move out!

Blake: Right! *Blake starts running towards the Micro-Armoury.* PACES, bring Armada On-line!

*Hawk heads to a wall and presses a control, retracting a part of the wall revealing a wall of Bows and Quivers. He picks up a Tritanium Compound Bow, a Quiver, a Tritanium Crossbow, and a few magazines of bolts for said crossbow (one containing normal bolts, the others containing various types of trick bolts).*

Hawk: I'll get the Shuttle ready.

*He then walks out of the room and onto the Shuttlepad.*

Forest: I'll be in the Shuttle.

*As Forest walks towards Hawk, Sanders walks over to the wall Hawk was at, tapping a control as another slot retracts, revealing his shield generator, body armour, and helmet. He grabs them before turning to Danny.*

Sanders: There's a set of rifles in the equipment locker if you want one.

*OOC: I figured it only fair if you decided what Danny used, equipment-wise.*
Danny: *Eyes a couple... but sets his sights on the one off to the right.. Model XX7-A0090873-1 *

Ah if it isn't Vera... *picks it up with ease* come my dear I'll treat you nice...

*his body armor covers his joints and limbs no helmet... except a specialized visor covering his eyes.. *