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03-26-2013, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
I'm going to disagree a little here. The problem isn't beams or cannons at all, its the massive disparity between incompetent and an expert player. In most games you might get 50% difference in skill from one player to another? STO its 1000%, go PUG some elite STFs, combatlog and find DHC users putting out 1-2k DPS, and compare that to a 15k DPS escort. There are cruisers regularly doing less than 1k DPS while mine can hit up to 10k.

Bad builds are boring. Cannon or beams if you are hitting for nothing, its just not exciting. I have a lot of fun in a beam boat once I got it set up right.

Escorts aren't an I win button, I see them out DPSed by good cruisers all the time, most people just can't fly them effectively. Having the escort build 75% correct makes you literally only 20% of the damage, which makes you a failure.
What if you take the same player/build and switch from beams to cannons (along with requisite boff abilities) and the damage is increased significantly? My Excelsiors' Single cannon/ Turret build is way more effective than my dbb or ba builds. Even using techniques to maximize arc/coverage, the beams are noticeably weaker.

Good or bad player/build or not, Beams will do less damage compared to cannon builds.