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03-26-2013, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
I'd have to second going for the 3pc romulan set. I use it on my carrier and some of my cruisers specifically to make up for the lack of tac boff slots.

A free mini BO with a dot component and a major damage increase is nothing to sneeze at. Stick it on the back and it doesn't even eat that much DPS. Or replace your DBB with it maybe.

A nadeon detonator with photonic doffs gives you a 45 second cooldown torp ability, as well, and it works with Romulan torps.
Well I tried the two pieces so far (since i can't get the beam yet). I've noticed, during certain moments when i was blowing away probes that it increased damage. But that doesn't always happen of course.
And yes, I have a Nova-class anti-healer on another science captain and I use 3 photonic doffs help quite a bit with all my photonic abilities.
So do you think it would be better to remove the assimilated module at the moment? or should I take out the phaser relay and stick the nadeon detonator there?