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03-26-2013, 01:49 PM
Nice KDF styling. Eager to see more ships with it.

I have a couple suggestions, though.

Maybe it would be worth it putting "can use (equip/load, whatever) cannons" on more ships. Currently some have it mentioned, some don't.
Notably the Jem'Hadar carrier might be a surprise for some that it can load cannons (as well as KDF Battle cruisers, and so on and on).

Then while you're correct that the Kamarag retrofit (as well as the seemingly missing Support cruiser retrofit/Ambassador) was a reward from the mission "Time Ambassador", it was only a limited time reward. urrently only the Tier 3 vessels are rewards from the mission.

Oh, and will you add a link at the top of the page from KDF comparator to the FED one and vice-versa?

But great job you've done.
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