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03-26-2013, 02:15 PM
Sure, every faction will have access to the end-game content that is being added. Now if they could only fill out some gaps they left in the system, like making Starbase 24 opposite for the KDF and something similar for the Rommies as well, would be even better.

I don't get the complaints about the end-game content, that's being added on regular basis and it would be expected to be faction generic so every faction would have access to it, unless they're making a u-turn in their development policies. So, the lvl 50 chars. will have stuff to do as always, and filling up the lower level gap was much needed in this game and I wholeheartedly wellcome it.

And I wish the "evil robot squids" to turn out to be Hur'q, so we could have proper involvment for the KDF. The Empire owes the Hur'q a disruptor blast to the face for a long time now. And at the end of the Fek'Ihri story arc, the readings that your science officer takes from the Fek'Ihr, turn out to have the same pattern as the Hur'q. I would love it if we could pick up from there and face them in the next FEs. They need not be KDF exclusive, but faction generic - it will still be a nice follow up to the Fek'Ihr episodes.

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