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# 4 Ground Boot Camp on hold
03-26-2013, 02:24 PM
After reading the Pug01's discussion, I do agree with the wise decision to at least put the remainder of the PvP Ground Boot Camp on hold since it would be pointless to teach the proper way to do ground PvP and then have opposing teams (premade or otherwise) who take excessive advantage of the overpowering bugs in the game at the cost to others who are unable to match up. Hopefully the significant bugs at least (of course it is preferable that all bad bugs be squashed) can be fixed so that ground PvP is once again more equitable and the Boot Camp can resume. I also hope that those who, sadly, left will come back once the necessary bugs are fixed.

I'll have to say that the first two sessions were very beneficial and helpful to me and my fleet. I deeply appreciate the work, effort, and patience put into the sessions by all of the coaches. I enjoyed meeting and talking with Jassem T. Sleiman, Subu, Pug04, and the other coaches that worked with me and the other students and I have learned a lot from all of them. Thank you to one and all.

Live long and prosper.

P.S. If the ground PvP Boot Camp is ever resumed, please announce it in more than just the forums, if possible, and in sufficient lead time to allow us to know when to sign up for session 3. Seeing as how that that time is unpredictable and it may likely be quite some time before this happens, it would be easy for people to miss any announcement if it were only placed in the current subforum. Thank you.

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