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Originally Posted by seraphantilles View Post
What I have done as a work-around is to create a place marker on the storyline where the player must go after the map's dialog pop-up finishes, and from there, they warp out.

I'd use "Waypoint None" as the warp out place marker.
The interaction happens, the guy warps out. The helm then reports that the "Ship warped out, pursuit course plotted on map! OOC Scan (V) points to the proper direction OOC".
Then spawn up a visible beacon in the middle of the reach marker. Also make the beacon interactable out of story. Call it something like "Engage warp drive" with Instant length and make it hide when interacted.

With that, the player has next to no chance the find the leave zone on his own. He is mostly forced to go through the map dialog. When that happens he is given a point on the map and a blinking beacon. Since the space is 3D, the player may have a problem actually finding the proper point even with help on map. With the interactable beacon, the Scan (v) will point to its direction, as it should be the nearest active interact, even thou it does nothing really. So the player can find the leave point and the mission continues.