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03-26-2013, 02:33 PM
Originally Posted by tsurutafan01 View Post
I'm a guy that cares about the nuts and bolts more than a paint job, personally.

Priority 1? When I press buttons they should do what the button says. When I do things they should do what the tooltips say. Torpedos shouldn't misfire while a cooldown goes off saying they fired, when they didn't. Costume menus shouldn't reset themselves if I want to edit one minor detail. When I go to repair my ship and I haven't been in my shuttle for two months (because there is no shuttle content), I shouldn't have to click on a pulldown to get off my shuttle and onto the ship I'm in. Basic control issues like that. There are still quite a few. Menus that need cleaning up, buttons that need attention. UI issues mostly, some of it is just cleanup some of it is legitimate bugs. I'd throw "ships decloaking because you talk" in here too, really. That's clearly not right.

So, basic game mechanics, more or less.

Priority 2, game balancing stuff. I have plenty of gripes here but I consider game mechanic issues a higher priority.

Priority 3, shiny things. But it's really kind of minor to the first two.

this plus one pls