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03-26-2013, 02:34 PM
edit: Totally misread that. Thought it said from him rather than on him.

That being said, I've wondered how the EF Disruptor's SDR debuff worked in regard to SDR.

@125 Aux/125 Shield (yes, there's help from a friend for the ExS3):

Shield Power 35%
EPtS3 30%
RSF 38.6%
TSS3 22.5%
ExS3 42.5%
ResA/B 15%
Adapt 20%

91.53% or so...but there is a 75% cap, no?

Is that +16.53% a SDR overcap buffer? Does it still exist even though it is not applied?

If there is overcap buffer and the EF Disruptor SDR debuff hits, what is the new SDR?

75% - 25% + 16.53% = 66.53%

Or is there no overcap considered?

75% - 25% = 50%

Or is it a case that the SDR debuff is calculated during the normal SDR calculation?

89.42% or so...keeping the 75% cap in mind.

Basically a case that the EF Disruptor SDR debuff would have no effect on that particular person since they were already over the cap anyway?

Which would be the new number after the SDR debuff proc?
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