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03-26-2013, 02:35 PM
Some sort of reference to the Aye Mosaram/Whitewing/Whitewind, which is the basis for the Scimitar design. As an earlier version of the ship.

A reference to the Graceful Flyer would be nice as well. Not the most attractive ship because of how the nacelle is placed, but it will sit well with a lot of longtime Trek gamers.

As long as the TOS BoP is a skin for the modern ones, I will be very happy. A Fleet version TOS style BoP retrofit would be awesome.

I love Romulans but hate the Warbird designs. The BoP (Romulan) is one of my fave ships in all of Trek.)

I would also be happy with a B'Rel BoP as a Romulan variant, as a reference to the overlap in the ship technology.

A reference to the phasing cloak is a must. Klingons get Advanced Battle Cloak on the fleet B'Rell. A Fleet Warbird and/or BoP with Phasing Cloak would rock. Perhaps have it give the same bonus as the Subspace Field Modulator while cloaked.