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03-26-2013, 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by sgtciscoinsa View Post
I blow up all the time in this ship..i really like it..but it is even viable in Pvp...saw some people say its is..most say its not...would be great but I am thinking I will only be able to pve with it. Please discuss and offer builds for my sci guy.

Thanks in advance.
Okay, tell us what you have NOW, and we'll go from there.

You have a Science captain, so that's a good start. What weapons are you using? Consoles? Equipment/set items if any? Your current BOff layout will help as well.

I will tell you I fly a Research ship (Horizon) and I can kick ass in PvP. The Nova isn't that much different and can do the same, it just takes the right build and mindset.