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Originally Posted by nettoazure View Post
Oh hello, I am trying out this Kumari Build that's a variant of my Fleet Defiant Build.

There's some changes from it like a relatively weaker aft with 1 Turret and stronger frontal barrage with 4 DHC's and 1 Rom Torp. It's certainly squishier due to only having 1 EPTS.

I do also plan to switch the MACO Resilient shield to a Elite Fleet Resist version once our fleet gets to Tier 4. But I am still debating whether to keep the 2 pc Borg or get a Elite Fleet Hyper-Impulse [Spd]x3 later on.

As for weapons Phased Tet DHC/Turrets [Acc]x2 was out of my price range so I had to settle for [CritH]x2's instead. I might switch them over to the new Adv. Fleet Tetryon [Acc]x2 [Dmg]x2's but I do like having the Phaser proc.

Doffs are: 3 Shield Distribution and 1 TT Conn Doff and 1 Evasive maneuver Doff.

Any comments would be welcome.
i have a hard time recommending the 5 tac console ship. the rom torp is a dot spamer, not a spike weapon, you would be much better off with a HY omega, or good old quantums to go with that 4 cannon spike. id stick the universal consoles in the sci slots and load turn consoles in the eng, base 16 turn with no turn consoles will get owned in a dog fight.

i also wouldn't use tet weapons unless you also use tet glider, and have room for at least 2 flow console. if it were me, id use the sci version, slot 4 flow console, 2 turn consoles, and use 4 tet DHCs with 1 quantum. all those crit boosting consoles, useless toys vs turning better and more shield damgeing, and crit only seems to heal the shields of everyone who didn't take the placate passive.

'll drop someones shields with a single cycle of cannon alpha strike, see them take hull damage, and as soon as their shield are breached that proc all but completely fixes them, closing the hole i made for the torps. it happens really fast, if you fire a cycle and see hull damage, but their shields aren't all that damaged, but they have noticeable hull damage that couldn't just be bleed, you just triggered the heal proc. crit chance is the enemy now. my weapon mods of choice currently are the fleet acc2dam2 or acc2crtD.
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