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03-26-2013, 03:16 PM
Please note to people who keep bringing up about some fixes being more important than others.... I am sure the Dev team is working on a lot of issues and bug fixes and when fixes get answers they get to tribble.

In the mean time till they have that fix they are pushing forward on fixes they DO have answers for. If there was a magical Dev wand that made the bigger issues go away faster don't you think they would have taped it to a ceiling fan and turned it on high by now?

Or if that answer isn't "good" enough for you then how about you go get yourself a computer programming degree and make the perfect game versus sitting on the forums complaining when they do actually have fixes they are trying to implement.

"But I gave them money"- Yes that $300 you gave them 3 years ago has long been spent.

"Such and such game doesn't have as many bugs"- Why aren't you playing that game right now instead of reading this post?!