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Engineers, unite! The time has come to free ourselves of the tyranny of the tactical and science captains! To throw off the shackles of impotency and claim our rightful place among the elite! SOON, THE UNIVERSE SHALL FEAR THE WRATH OF THE ENGINEER! <evil laugh> >8D

Ah, engineers. Almost everyone can agree that they're the most neglected of the STO trinity. Science captains get their bag of dirty tricks, not least of which is the all-powerful SNB. Tactical captains get all the abilities they need to put the hurt on someone. But what do Engineers get? A bunch of underpowered, mediocre abilities, most of which can be replicated by doffs or equipment. No wonder engineers feel so left out.

But, of the trinity, who actually knows how to best run a ship? When the tactical officers need their weapons, when the scientists want their shiny new deflectors, who do they run to? That's right, the engineer! When your cannons need MOAR POWAH, when the engines need to be pushed harder than they ever have been before, who does the captain call? You heard me: the engineer! When the shields are failing, when the hull is buckling and a warp core breach is imminent, who defies all odds and brings the ship back to life? The answer's as clear as day: the engineer!

It's time for the engineer to take their rightful place in STO's trinity! Forget about the silly tactical officers and their itty-bitty peashooters. Scientists' bags of dirty tricks? Don't make me laugh! We all know that the real power belongs in the hands of the engineers, who can tear your ship apart from the inside out with but a single command! Their place is not just as equals with tactical and science captains, but as the incontrovertible rulers of the entire system!

So what would it take for Engineers to finally take their rightful place as the undisputed head of the trinity? Just how many of their hidden secrets do they need to reveal before they're finally acknowledged as the supreme rulers of STO? Let's find out!

(This is meant to be a mostly-humorous wishful thinking thread, for those of you who are wondering. Feel free to add your own suggestions/humor to it. )

Fleet Rotate Shield Frequency
"Step aside, lad, and let me show you how a real engineer handles his shields."
Duration: 30s
Cooldown: 1m 30s
Target: All allies, including self.
Effect: Strong shield resist, moderate shield heal over time. Also automatically redistributes shields.
Fluff: Your captain rolls up his sleeves and gets down and dirty with the shield protocols across the entire fleet. Not only does this grant them extraordinary resistance to incoming damage, as well as improving their regeneration, but the rapid frequency rotation allows the quick transfer of shield power to the facings that need it most.

EPS Power Distribution Field
Duration: 30s (maintained)
Cooldown: 2m
Target: All entities within a 5km range, centered on self. Entities must be within range of field to be affected.
Effect: Allies receive strong power bonus, subsystem drain resist (a la Nadion), and removal of subsystem power cap. Enemies are inflicted with increased subsystem drain vulnerability.
Fluff: One of the secrets among engineers everywhere is the simple fact that safety limits don't come close to what ships can actually achieve. With just a few minor tweaks, your captain overcharges the warp core and reroutes the EPS power systems, generating and distributing extra power to any allies in range while also reducing all power drains. Furthermore, the safety restrictions on the fleet's subsystems power levels are overridden, allowing all ships to be pushed to their true limits -- weapons hit harder, shields become stronger, engines push faster, and auxiliary systems are boosted without limit. As a bonus, enemy ships in range find that the power distribution field interferes with their own systems, exposing them further to any drain effects that might be occurring. (Unfortunately, engineers can't do this forever; those nosy scis and tacs would get suspicious.)

Disrupt Repair Systems
"Turns out knowing how to fix ships gives you a good idea of how to break them, too."
Duration: 30s
Cooldown: 3m
Target: Initial debuff is applied to single enemy ship. Effect jumps from enemy to enemy with 5km range, similar to VM's jump ability. Each use of DRS will affect each enemy ship at most once.
Counter: Engineering Team
Effect: Affected enemies have incoming and outgoing healing effects reduced in value by 50%. (A DRS'ed healer affecting a DRS'ed target will have heal numbers reduced to 1/4.)
Fluff: Years of working with ship repair systems of all shapes and forms has given your captain some insight in sabotaging them. By sending a special transmission to an enemy ship, your captain unleashes a powerful virus into their systems that cripples their repair systems, making it difficult to them to recover from damage. Furthermore, the virus is self-replicating; it will jump from ship to ship, debilitating all enemies in range.

Miracle Worker
"A true engineer can defy any odds, if it means bringing the ship home in one piece."
Duration: 30s
Cooldown: 4m
Target: Self
Effect: Full hull integrity/shield strength is restored. All negative debuffs are cleansed for duration. For 10s, your ship takes no damage (100% bonus resist); after that, your ship loses 5% of the bonus resist per second for 20s.
Fluff: When shields are gone, hull is being torn to shreds, and all hope is lost, the engineer can pull off a true miracle. By invoking black treknobabble beyond mortal comprehension, your captain can resurrect his ship and live to fight another day. Hull and shields are restored, negative effects are removed, and your ship gains temporary invulnerability. Show the enemy what it means to incur the wrath of the engineer!

Engineering Fleet
"Warp drive wasn't invented by a single person."
Duration: 30s
Cooldown: 5m
Target: All team members
Effect: Strong hull resist, medium maneuverability and flight speed boost, medium hull repair skill boost.
Fluff: Your captain dispenses some of his engineering wisdom, and provides pointers to those captains not fortunate enough to understand the zen of Engineering.

I think engineers would be at just the right level of OP given these abiltiies. What do you all suggest?

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