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I think that cape would be the only reason to wear the Reman rubber suit......
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ehh, wrong! the federation has other types of ships besides escorts that can equip cannons
Really? Which other ones can equip cannons?
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My opinion is that between the Mobius and fleet MVAE, the Mobius is what I would go for the Mobius if you can. Otherwise, shoot for the MVAE.
Personally, the Mobius is what I really want, but I don't want to spend more money on a single ship than the entire Kumari Set would cost. And spend MORE money on the other consoles.
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Who cares about the Thalaron weapon (well I do but it's not like I will start Pulsewaving every dev I see if I don't get it)
If you can use it on the Unimatrix ships, it just MIGHT make Hive Elite completeable. if (IF) you can survive long enough to use the weapon.
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Welp, we are going to be stuck with the Chef project soon. Oh joy!
Use the Fleet Bank. We have PLENTY of drinks and stuff in there. Plus, 3 of my characters have enough alcohol for each of them to open a liquor store. If I transfer all of it to Suroo, I can possibly solo the drinks part of the project. So, it is all easily done.

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