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Fluff: When shields are gone, hull is being torn to shreds, and all hope is lost, the engineer can pull off a true miracle. By invoking black treknobabble that beyond mortal comprehension, your captain can resurrect his ship and live to fight another day. Hull and shields are restored, negative effects are removed, and your ship gains temporary invulnerability. Show the enemy what it means to incur the wrath of the engineer!
OP...possibly...Funny as heck... definantly XD

Additional Laughs:
Fine Print: Induces zone-wide shouting of what the captian is doing so that EVERY SINGLE PERSON knows who to shoot at or to defend XD

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I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p