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03-26-2013, 04:06 PM
I personally have a good feeling about the upcoming season/update. It may not meet my or a lot of others expectations since we are all unique individuals and have different likes/dislikes. And it maybe true that we get sub-par missions from lvls 1-25. All we have to go on is what missions we have received in the past and those have been exceptional (Alpha for example). But being able to start as a Klingon at lvl 1 is a victory in my book and a big bonus to the KDF. Some say that the start at lvl 1 could be another renege but I seriously doubt they would post it on the web page if it wasn't in the plans. Sure we've been told before things were going to happen then didn't but we've never had a visual representation of their word before, or at least not that I can remember.

A lot of folks are worried too about the effect the Romulan faction will have on the KDF, the possibility of shrinking our numbers even more. But most folks I know who play the KDF are there because they like being there. These folks are intensly loyal to the red side, they'd have to be to stick it out throught the years of content drought so while they may make a Romulan toon I doubt they will setup shop over there. On the other had you have hords of Fed players who have been clamoring for a Romulan faction for a long time, most of those who want a Romulan faction seem to be from that side. The dissolution of the Fed side is a good thing since if there numbers drop down to where they aren't the biggest faction then they will no longer be able to dictate which direction the game goes. If that happens the tears of frustration and rage will be epic.

Also before launch and for awhile afterwards the STO webpage had several factions in addition to the KDF and Feds that would become playable at some point in time. If I remember right it had the Cardassians, Dominion, Ferengi, Romulans, and I believe the Borg listed. So I believe at the begining Cryptic intended to have more than one faction but for reasons I won't go into here didn't happen, or at least not happen right away. So that is something to consider.

So my advise is to go ahead and be hopeful but cautious as well.

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