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03-26-2013, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
Its the reverse for raptors and escorts, while a fed cruiser isn't as good as a kdf cruiser, a kdf raptor can't hold up to fed escorts.

Anyone that has seen my eng's cruiser perform in any STF will know this whole thread is total bull.
This. In terms of PvP, the Federation has the advantage in escort-level ships and science ships. The KDF advantages are in battlecruisers and BoP, with the minor first-strike advantage of the in-built cloak.

In a place like Ker'rat, with the Federation almost always outnumbering the KDF, it more than balances out. In an arena, it probably depends on the pilots and how they use their ships. BoPs are still viable in arena PvP, but it takes skill to pull it off without getting blasted to pieces repeatedly. Battlecruisers are fine attackers and self-tankers, and can probably be used as healers. . .but that's a waste of potential. Better to use a carrier for that, imo.

Federation escorts outperform raptors in direct combat (slight edge in turning, more ship options, probably slightly more shield on some models), and their science ships are a nightmare in the right hands. They also got carrier options, something that used to be a KDF exclusive. . .and the Federation was still capable of holding their own in PvP without carriers.