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Not really; escorts should be avoiding damage by having tanks drawing fire and being healed. Even so, an escort can still turn to bear a flank, distribute shields forward then turn back, which means their uptime isn't reduced that much. The point is that under heavy, sustained fire they shouldn't be able to just sit where they are cycling tactical team to keep their forward shields up.
I heavily doubt that Cryptics devs will nerf Escorts survivability, since a lot of MMO players love their OP ship, just as some of Cryptics devs love them more than anything.

The only thing to do is, to bring Cruisers and Science ships offensive capabilities on par with it, to make them a viable alternative.
That would mean, Cruisers should get something like more power, acess to DHCs or something else that increases their Weapons offensive capabilities. Science ships need their Damage Powers buffed, like Charged Particale burst and things like that.
The tricky thing about it is not to make anthing too strong, because nerfing something should always be the very last option IMO.

Once they are all on the same level Cryptics devs should be very, very careful when introducing anything that could destabilize that balance, but in my experience Escorts are always be OP in this game....
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