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Originally Posted by astimingpyle View Post
I dropped it.
I don't know what you folks are talking about.
I've had the mission for a few days and spent hours doing "Strange New Worlds" followed by simply exploring and analyzing. Sure, picking up Strange New Worlds once a day and getting 1400 Dilithium is fine, but I can do that without the Diplo mission, and I've done Strange New Worlds twice, while having the Diplo, and yes I made sure I picked up the right mission for the right system. It was in Klingon Space, can't remember the name off hand, but it did nothing towards the Diplo mission.
True, you can do it without the diplomatic mission. But, the diplomatic mission is available as soon as you enter the specific cluster. On the right-hand side of your HUD, in the low priorty message area, there should be a button for the Diplomatic mission.
It's just an easier, quicker way to get one system done without flying all over the cluster.

I don't believe I have ever seen one for Klingon clusters.

Is Diplomatic XP or what ever its called important? There seems to be so many different types of "points" to build up in this game, and the game is not very good at explaining what they are for, or why we might want to acquire them.
I believe it is still called diplomatic XP in game, but it goes towards the Diplomatic commendation. One of the best things about this is as you progress in ranks, you start to get the ability to transwarp to different bases. I think it goes ESD, K-7, Sierra-39, DS9.
Also, as you progress in diplo ranks, you gets access to enemy faction DOFFs, and BOFFs.

I've just been primarily doing missions and I am not accumulating much of anything except skill points, other then what ever seems to come in from successful DoFF missions.

I see I've earned things like Expertise from some missions, or something like that and I have no idea what it is used for.

I decided to try and complete one Diplo mission to see what it gets me, and how it benefits my DoFFs but it seemed like just a dead end mission so I dropped it today.
Expertise is used to advance the skill levels of your BOFFs, as well as being used int he reputation systems (Romulan and Omega) and for Fleet projects. (Provided that you are in one).

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