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Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
Well, the species is something you have to pay to unlock. By definition, anything you have to pay for is going to be better than stuff you get for free, otherwise it would be given for free. Thanks to the Dilithium Exchange, you can easily buy these powerful items for yourselves. Problem solved.

If you think something is so overpowered though, you should stop complaining about it, and take that thing into Elite STFs, like Hive. When the cat species saves you from being instakilled by THE FLOOR, and that Tholian Sword used along with Pounce keeps the Queen ON THE GROUND, You will be GLAD that you had them.

What if i don't like the look of a Cat? Why i have to play with Mr. Hairball as the only viable option for PvP?. I want my human to be equally competitive as any other race. And this not only applies to Humans, it does to any other race as well except Caitians/Ferasans

Besides, did you realize that these situations that you're describing are broken mechanics within the current game state?. You're taking advantage of broken game mechanics to beat PvE content.
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