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*Angel Halo System. The Vanguard Shuttle Fold-jumps in before Armada flies out and starts scanning the debris field.*

Armada: I'm not picking up the Tesseract.

Forest *Over comm*: It should be emitting high amounts of Zeta Radiation. Look for that.

Armada: I am, Doc. If the Tesseract was here, it's not now--

Hello, what have we got here?

Sanders *Over comm*: What do you see, Matthews?

Armada: There's an ion trail leading out of the system. Whoever it was didn't cover their tracks well.

Looks Orion, and it came straight from the Station debris field.

Sanders *Over comm*: That's just what we need.

Hawk *Over comm*: If they know what the Tesseract is, it makes sense. The Syndicate is having trouble fighting the Kar'moon Alliance and the Tesseract is one of the most valuable artefacts in the Galaxy.

*Torros III, Cardassian Shipyards. A fleet of Orion Vessels warp in (ships from the D'ian and Duranus Cartels) and overwhelm the Station Defences. After capturing the Facility within 6 hours, they're able to quickly fortify the area, since Tara hijacked the Defence Grid with the prefix codes. The damaged ships are quickly repaired and by the end of the day, Tara is in one of the Facility's Core Hubs (there are 2, to cover the whole facility. Yes, it's that big that it needs two Power and Admin sections. It also serves (or 'served') 2 Cardassian Fleets), taking charge of the moving-in process. An Orion Male walks up to her holding a case, before whispering something in her ear.*

Tara: You're sure?

*The Orion opens the Case, and a strange blue glow emanates from it. Tara places a hand in and takes out the Tesseract, before replacing it.*

Get that to the Secure Area. Notify D'ian that we have complete control of the Station and that her forces can start moving into the other area when they're ready.

Sara: What about the Tesseract? Do we tell Megann about that?

Tara: I'll tell her myself. Right now, we need to get this Alliance strong enough to stand on its own. Once that's done, god help the Kar'moon and anyone else who tries to stand in the Syndicate's way.

Sara: Are you--?

Tara: Sara, I've been preparing for this since I came back 2 months ago. I timed this so half the Cardassian Military was on training exercises with what's left of Starfleet in the Bajoran Sector, and most of the Republic were focused on the hostilities in the Shoal Zone, not to mention the Klingon Civil War and the Romulan's still recovering from the Holocaust. They just don't have time to worry about a small Shipyard in Cardassian Space. Now that we're here, Starfleet can't move us. Not even the Starfleet and Cardassian Navies combined can move us. We're here to stay.

Sara: You planned this extremely well.

Tara: We couldn't have pulled it off without D'ian, and I couldn't have gotten her help without you, sis.

Sara: You're right about that.

Orion: Tr'ian, there's a comm coming in for you. It's on a Republic Channel!

Sara: How did they--?

Tara: The Station Array isn't even up yet, Sara. Don't panic. They're calling the ship.

Route it to my Office.

*Tara walks into her Office and turns on the Cardassian Holographic Comm unit. Sam's face comes up on it, looking more than slightly ticked off, though she's suppressing it well.*


Sam: Tara.

What's with the decor? Didn't like the green?

Tara: So you haven't heard yet?

You see, I didn't want people thinking I was just going to crawl under a rock, so I figured; 'Hey! Let's go invade Cardassia!'

Right now, I'm bombing Lukaria City from Orbit.

Sam: I'm not falling for it, Tr'ian.

Tara *mocking*: 'Tr'ian'? What happened to 'Tara'? Someone kill your Dad?

Sam: I swear to god, I will kill you.

Tara: What burns you more, Sam? The fact that I betrayed you, or the fact that I've been lying to you for over 6 years and you bought into every minute of it? The fact that at the end of the day, I won - I played you like a puppet.

Sam: Yeah. You're right about that. You played me. You played me like Mozart plays a piano and I bought every second of it. You lied, cheated and downright stabbed me in the back, and I had no idea what was going on, but if you think you've won, think again!

You murdered 13 people, including my Dad. You're a pirate. You're a criminal. You're a manipulating, lying and scheming little bi--!

Tara: Watch your language.

Sam: And if you think, for even a second, that I'm gonna let you get away with any of that, then I've got something to tell you, and this isn't a threat... it's a promise; I'm coming for you, Tr'ian.

Tara: And I'll be waiting.

*Tara closes the channel.*

OOC: PLOT TWIST! So, what do you think? I really wanted to start delving into the criminal side of things, showing Tara getting ready for whatever scheme she's planning, and I decided to throw in a conversation with her and Sam while I was at it! Showing how much Sam hates Tara now, how badly Sam wants to get back at her, and how badly Tara betrayed her.

So, what do you guys think?

Don't go ruining the Torros III point. This is going somewhere.
*Stane comes on the channel..*

Stane: I see you put the intel I sold you months ago to use... How crafty... and adorable. Your 3 ships should be arriving soon they are enroute as we speak.. Is there anything else you wish Tara...