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Originally Posted by rifter1969 View Post
I believe it is still called diplomatic XP in game, but it goes towards the Diplomatic commendation. One of the best things about this is as you progress in ranks, you start to get the ability to transwarp to different bases. I think it goes ESD, K-7, Sierra-39, DS9.
Also, as you progress in diplo ranks, you gets access to enemy faction DOFFs, and BOFFs.
Everyone has transwarp to ESD / Q'onos (home system) from start.

The "Store" DOffs for Diplomacy tend to be "enemy faction", true. As for the BOff, you get to choose one when you hit T4 diplo.

The additional transwarp locations come in at tier 2 (K7), 3 (SB 39) and 4 (DS9) for Feds, I know Marauding 2 gives KDF a system in the same block as SB39, and figure DS9 is KDF 4. Haven't messed with marauding a KDF up to T4...

On a side note, there's some "voting" thing that all high-end diplomats are supposed to get on DS9, I hear it's related to a vendor selling consumable transwarp parts - basically the diplomats pick which block/sector the vendor will set the destination to, and because T-4 diplomats have earned access to transwarp to all sectors the vendor offers, they don't get to buy any...
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