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03-26-2013, 05:51 PM
Hi there, i`m flying fleet Nova in pvp alot, and i enjoy it! Here is my built: As u can see its a cheese built with temporal inversion field and also with very wierd selection of lt cmdr tac skills, but thats how I fly it and not thinking of doing any changes of it.

PSW3 with purple doff and tbr2 will help u with spaming control. I also have boff in combination; FBP3 TB3, in that case this ship is escort kille which doen`t care about shields, also i have 1 boff with VM3 + TB3 but i don`t use that one very often. I highly recomend (don`t know if i`ve spelled that word right?) PSW3 `n` TBR combination if your planning fight against KDF.

There`s lot of fun stuff u can do with this ship, all u need to do is experiment with builts and find 1 or couple that suits you and your play style, there is no any restricted builds for any of ships in this game IMO. GL and i hope u will find yours.

Edit: Sry i forgot to include skill tree, but i`m not in the game atm so i don`t know how exactly is specced.
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