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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
The E fleet shields are still really stupid.

I also really hate having to carry a spare set of weapons around in my inv all the time.
That's definitely the worst part about them. ResA and ResB modifiers really need to die in a fire. The design mentality behind them is short sighted and the gameplay implications (people constantly switching weapons and shields around in a never ending juggling match) are horrendous. Seems like whomever at Cryptic came up with the idea couldn't be bothered to think things through outside of "Hey, this would be cool!"

Bort, if you're reading this I know you're smart enough to recognize how flawed the thought behind ResA and ResB is. Any chance at all that these modifiers could be changed to something less obviously stupid?

I don't mind the entire stacking resist mechanic though. There's a somewhat deep trade-off there where you make yourself much stronger against pressure damage at the expense of being much weaker against well coordinated spike. That weakness is why a large portion of the guys in Pandas are now using KHG/Adapted MACO shields -- there's nothing better against spike.
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