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as far as im concerned there are 4 sci ships. the nova, ballship, wells, and vesta. MAYBE nebula, theres 1 station setup the wells cant do that it can, 2 LT tacs. not sure were that would be particularly useful though. the vetsa can do everything the intrepid, recon, and deep space can and more, but it cant mimic exactly what the nova and ball ship can. the wells can have a different set of options too.

for a vesta to have the LTC tac, it also has to have an LT tac. the nova gets to have an LT sci instead, which is probably more useful. unless your a tac captain using DHCs in the vesta.
I've been looking at the Fleet Ball Retrofit ever since Geko said it was his least favorite ship.

Vs. Fleet Nova Retro

+660 Hull
+300 Crew
LCdr Eng/Lt Tac instead of LCdr Tac/Lt Eng
-1 Tac Console/+1 Eng Console
-2 Turn
-20 Inertia

For the life of me though, I can't ever remember seeing one in PvP. Then again, I can't remember ever seeing a Fleet Nova either. I've seen a D'Kyr more than I've seen a Nebula. It's usually a Vesta or a Wells... though I still see a rare Intrepid.

edit: Of course, with the LoR announcement - not sure I'm going to be doing anything on any of my guys.
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