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03-26-2013, 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
If you think something is so overpowered though, you should stop complaining about it
Ok... what about no? This is a MMORPG, the Role-Playing Game tell you something? And to make it even worst, is a STAR TREK game..

In other words: If I want to play with my Vulcan, I should be able to be competitive. The fact that you paid for a race is what you get, a NEW race to play, NATHING more, and nothing less. It does not have to be overpower and it does not have to screw the poor ground PVP like is happening now.

If you want to play cats online, you should go to Hello Kitty.

Hoo.. if you need a cat to finish in to the hive, is because you are doing it wrong.


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